Patrick K. McFaddin


I am a Visiting Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of South Carolina, working under the supervision of Matt Ballard. I recently completed my Ph.D. in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Georgia under the supervision of Danny Krashen. In the fall, I will be joining the faculty of the Department of Mathematics at Fordham University.

My research interests include algebra and algebraic geometry. In particular, I am interested in algebraic K-theory, algebraic cycles, motives and motivic cohomology, central simple algebras, algebraic groups, homogeneous and toric varieties, and derived categories. My research is supported by the American Mathematical Society and the Simons Foundation.

In Fall 2018, I organized a reading course for Danielle Wood, an undergraduate at South Carolina. The topic was abstract algebra and applications to music. I recently worked with Danielle on a project concerning the implementation of flipped-classroom learning in middle-schools.

In Spring 2018, I organized a seminar on (Grothendieck-Chow) motives .